“As a Boston fan ..” Because when racial slurs are thrown around, your city matters more than people

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

Take time out of your day to go Twitter search the phrase “as a Boston fan.” I’m serious. Do it.

Let me help you with you a snippet of the tweets.

Do you see the problem? Of course you do. Before offering their sincerest apologies, which I’m sure they absolutely meant, they first had to clarify that they are from Boston. It’s as if somehow labeling what city you’re from actually matters here. The city matters more than a person having racial slurs hurled at them from the stands.

Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, who was born in San Diego, the same city as Boston legend Ted Williams, and just helped the United States win the World Baseball Classic like six weeks ago, was the victim of racial epithets from the mouths of Red Sox fans. New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia echoed that Jones isn’t the first person to have it happen, and that it’s something to be expected when playing in Boston.

First off, screw your city. The city of Boston has a history of hate crimes based on race. Don’t act like the “words of a few don’t represent us as a whole” when that’s, quite in fact, exactly what they do. You are the sum of your parts, and the sum of Boston’s parts are that it’s a racist, vile city that has a history of this sort of stuff.

Secondly, screw your city even more since it has a history of some really vile and repugnant shit. Stuff like the Boston Busing Crisis of 1974, which also saw a black attorney get literally stabbed by a white man with a flag pole that had the American Flag on it. That really happened. Don’t sweep it under the rug.

There’s also the fact that the Boston Red Sox were the last team in Major League Baseball to actually integrate their roster. When they held a tryout for negro players, which included Jackie Robinson, according to Robinson the Boston owner Tom Yawkey said, “Get those n*****s off the field.” There was also Boston manager Michael ‘Pinky’ Higgins saying that “there would be no n****r on this ball club.”

The Red Sox featured one of the most racist owners in MLB history. Yawkey was a gigantic pile of shit, and for fans to act like he didn’t exist and for the organization to somehow honor the man by naming the street where Fenway Park resides on after him is an utter disgrace to not just sports, but to people as a whole. Once again, screw your city.

Then there was 2012 when Boston Bruins fans became raging racist mongrels as they bombarded Joel Ward of the Washington Capitals with racial slur after racial slur. As a person, maybe you should actually choose to see that this is who Boston is as a whole before you say the words of a few don’t represent you. This is what Boston is all about.

Let’s check in on Bill Russell and see what the single greatest winner of all-time had to endure while playing in Boston: “The result was that the greatest player in Boston team sports history was the target of a constant campaign of racial harassment.” Oh, and it certainly did not just stop there! When he tried to move to a new house, neighbors tried to block the move. When that ultimately did not work, they tried to buy the home that Russell wanted to buy. Another time, someone broke into his house and took a shit on his bed. According to Tom Heinsohn, two white sportswriters from the city apparently refused to vote Russell as Most Valuable Player because he was black.

What a city!

Before sitting there and saying this is more about a few bad apples than the bunch, you need to come to the realization that a few rotten apples can spoil the whole bushel. Boston’s a rotten city, at least when it comes to racism and sports. Maybe it’s not the most racist city in America, but it might be the most racist sports city in America, and that’s saying a whole hell of a lot.

So, while you see people writing articles about how many are speaking out about this level of rancor, maybe start to blame the entire institution as a whole. Major League Baseball has done absolutely nothing to quell these words and this level of hatred. It’s up to the people to police themselves, but they won’t – because it’s Boston. And they don’t give a shit.

“As a Boston fan ..” maybe actually start speaking out against this level of shit-slinging and racism instead of just offering up bullshit diatribes about how this isn’t what the city is truly about when it’s quite literally exactly what they’re all about, especially when it comes the sports. So, I say again, screw your city.

It’s inherently racist. Own it.

Then do something about it, you cowards.