Rockets, Suns Swap Young Point Guards

After a breakout campaign during the 2009-2010 regular season that earned him the most improved player award,  point guard Aaron Brooks was expected to do big things for the Houston Rockets this season. After a break run in the 2009-2010 post-season, point guard Goran Dragic was expected to do big things for the Phoenix [...]

Carmelo’s 50 Not Enough To Defeat Rockets And Other NBA Notes

As the trade deadline nears, Carmelo Anthony is about to re-enter the spotlight of the NBA. After spending a couple weeks at the center of attention earlier in the year because of trade rumors that eventually died down, the Nuggets will likely be shopping Anthony around more than ever as the possibility that the franchise will end up with nothing in exchange for Melo at the end of the season grows larger.

But while there may be much less of a chance that Carmelo ends up staying in Denver for the remainder of the season, it’s time to start looking at the Nuggets as they are currently constructed to determine whether or not this will just be a lost cause for both Anthony and the Nuggets if they end up sticking together until the end of the year.

Denver is currently the sixth seed in the Western Conference with the same record as the Utah Jazz (30-22) but with a superior head-to-head record. This a team that beat the Heat by 28 earlier in the season (though they were without LeBron James, that’s still impressive) but also a club that got smashed by the Clippers and recently lost back-to-back games to the 76ers and Nets by the scores of 110-99 and 115-99.

Whether the Anthony drama has this team disinterested or in spite of their teammate, there is clearly something missing from this team that it had over the past two seasons when they were legitimate contenders to take down the Lakers in the West thanks to their uptempo offense and reliable home court advantage. But instead, ever since Carmelo was left to fend for himself against Utah in the post-season last year, Anthony has started to slip away from his supporting cast and the mojo around this squad is clearly no longer there – at least not consistently.

For my recap of last night’s Rockets-Nuggets game as well as every other game in the NBA last night, hit the break…

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Photo: Steve Nash Isn’t A Great Dresser

Nate Robinson May Be Headed to Greece

The same team that took Josh Childress from the Atlanta Hawks is looking to sign free agent guard Nate Robinson from the New York Knicks. Some reports have the Olympiakos making a 2-year, $10 million offer to Nate.

This could create a hole for the Knicks. After failing to get Stephen Curry and passing [...]

2009 NBA Draft Preview: No. 14 Phoenix Suns

2008 First Round Pick: Robin Lopez, Center, Stanford. He’s not as good or advanced as his brother, but he didn’t get as many minutes as he did either. With Shaq having one of the best seasons of his career, the back-up center role was mostly unused. He is a 7-footer, so if he can [...]

Video: Steve Nash is Faster than the Sharks

Shaq is Rooting For Kobe?

We knew Shaq picked the Lakers to win the title, but now he is saying he is rooting for Kobe Bryant to get his fourth title.

It is nice to see Shaq finally come around to see that he is nothing without Kobe or Dwyane Wade. I mean Kobe is in [...]

Coolest Basketball Name Ever: LeBryan Nash

LeBron James + Kobe Bryant + Steve Nash


LeBryan Nash

He is a 6-foot-7, which is right in between Kobe and LeBron, power forward from Lincoln High School in Dallas, Texas.

From Scouts Inc.:

Nash is a strong and extremely athletic scorer. He is a terror along the baseline where he can sweep [...]

Attacking the Boards: Chris Paul, Hornets Shake Up Western Conference Standings

San Antonio 86 – New Orleans 90: Chris Paul doesn’t get nearly enough credit as he deserves. Tonight, his victim was the San Antonio Spurs, who could have clinched a playoff spot with a win. Paul scored a game high 26 points along with 9 assists, 7 rebounds and 2 steals. Paul hit [...]

Attacking the Boards: Daylight Savings Time Is In Full Effect

Phoenix 154 – Golden State 130: If only Phoenix could play defense, they would be the NBA Champions. The Suns had 120 points by the end of the 3rd quarter and had 11 of 12 players on the roster score against the worst defense in the NBA. Jason Richardson lead everybody with 31 [...]