Cavs Acquire A King To Play Small Forward, Deal Hickson


Just hours before the NBA will enter a lockout period, the Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers completed a deal that will send Omri Casspi and a future first round pick (lottery protected only for the first season) to the Cavs for power forward J.J. Hickson.1 This deal seems to work for both sides [...]

DeMarcus Cousins Involved In Yet Another Incident, Gets Removed From Team Plane

A three-point jumper by Tyreke Evans with the clock winding down was long and bounced off the back of the rim, securing a 99-97 victory for the Oklahoma City Thunder over the Sacramento Kings. It wasn’t a fantastic shot, it was a deep shot with a man right in Evans’ face, but the ball was in their best player’s hands and Evans got the shot off with enough time for an offensive rebound to be grabbed.

Before the ball was in-bounded, Kings’ rookie center DeMarcus Cousins had got himself decent post position and was calling for the ball but Donte Greene chose to pass the ball to Evans, who isolated at the top of the key and launched a three-pointer.

This infuriated Cousins, who began yelling at both Evans and Greene after the game. Here’s FanHouse’s Sam Amick with the report:

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Carmelo’s 50 Not Enough To Defeat Rockets And Other NBA Notes

As the trade deadline nears, Carmelo Anthony is about to re-enter the spotlight of the NBA. After spending a couple weeks at the center of attention earlier in the year because of trade rumors that eventually died down, the Nuggets will likely be shopping Anthony around more than ever as the possibility that the franchise will end up with nothing in exchange for Melo at the end of the season grows larger.

But while there may be much less of a chance that Carmelo ends up staying in Denver for the remainder of the season, it’s time to start looking at the Nuggets as they are currently constructed to determine whether or not this will just be a lost cause for both Anthony and the Nuggets if they end up sticking together until the end of the year.

Denver is currently the sixth seed in the Western Conference with the same record as the Utah Jazz (30-22) but with a superior head-to-head record. This a team that beat the Heat by 28 earlier in the season (though they were without LeBron James, that’s still impressive) but also a club that got smashed by the Clippers and recently lost back-to-back games to the 76ers and Nets by the scores of 110-99 and 115-99.

Whether the Anthony drama has this team disinterested or in spite of their teammate, there is clearly something missing from this team that it had over the past two seasons when they were legitimate contenders to take down the Lakers in the West thanks to their uptempo offense and reliable home court advantage. But instead, ever since Carmelo was left to fend for himself against Utah in the post-season last year, Anthony has started to slip away from his supporting cast and the mojo around this squad is clearly no longer there – at least not consistently.

For my recap of last night’s Rockets-Nuggets game as well as every other game in the NBA last night, hit the break…

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Attacking The Boards: Where Luol Deng Had Quite The Night

The Bulls needed this. They needed Luol Deng to have an effective game at some point. After starting off the season with a Derrick Rose-centric offense that forced Rose to take 29 shots per game, the Bulls needed someone to step up and contribute offensively. With Carlos Boozer out, adjustments have to be made [...]

2010-2011 NBA Season Previews: Sacramento Kings

Two seasons ago, the Sacramento Kings won just 17 games. The Kings were the worst franchise in the sport. Besides Kevin Martin, there was little to know young talent on the roster that had shown promise and the coaching situation was far from stable.

But right now, the Sacramento Kings are building something. The [...]

Attacking The Boards: Where The Thunder Look Young And Old At The Same Time

With 25 seconds left in the game, Kevin Durant stepped to the free throw line looking to ice the game away for the Oklahoma City Thunder. As the ball was tossed to him by the ref, Durant heard chants of “M-V-P” come down from the rafters. He couldn’t help but crack a smile.

And [...]

Attacking the Boards: Agent Zero Is Back, Philly Survives A Close One, and Trevor Ariza Gets The Last Laugh On Brandon Roy

If Gilbert Arenas can score like he did tonight without losing the concept of team play, there is no telling what this Washington team can do. Agent Zero had 32 points (9-of-13 shooting, 3-of-4 from three) and seven assists to lead Washington to pretty nice win over the Nets in their home opener. Arenas [...]

2009 NBA Season Previews: The Rest Of The West

Oklahoma City Thunder

2008-2009 Season Record: 23-59. Fifth place in Northwest Division.

2008-2009 Team MVP: Kevin Durant

Key Additions: James Harden, Etan Thomas, Kevin Ollie, Serge Ibaka, B.J. Mullens

Key Departures: Earl Watson, Malik Rose, Desmond Mason, Chucky Atkins, Damien Wilkins, Robert Swift

Projected Starting Five:

PG – Russell Westbrook

SG – James Harden


NBA Summer League: Tyreke Evans vs Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings continues to impress during his time in the NBA Summer League. After scoring 23 points and dropping eight dimes on Sunday, Jennings scored 13 points on 5 0f 13 shooting with 14 assists and seven steals in a match-up against fourth overall pick Tyreke Evans. Again Jennings was active in the passing [...]

Revisiting My NBA Mock Draft

Green = Correct Black = +/-1 Red = Wrong

Biggest Hit: Omri Casspi to the Kings.

Biggest Miss: DeJuan Blair. To everyone’s suprise, the lottery talent fell into the Spurs laps in the second round beacause of injury problems.

Draft grades will be out [...]