Where Does Nene Fit Best?

After an off-season that featured the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson and many others as top free agents and a regular season that featured mid-season trades involving Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams, entering into the 2011 free agency period with Nene as the top name on the unrestricted [...]

Blazers, Nets Talking Harris-Miller Swap

The New Jersey Nets are not only looking at Carmelo Anthony as potential additions before the trade deadline. According to Al Iannazzone of the Berger Record, the Nets have also been in contact with the Portland Trail Blazers about veteran point guard Andre Miller. Blazers’ shooting guard Rudy Fernandez has also been discussed, per the [...]

Report: Nets Back In The Melo Hunt

After their owner publicly took his team out of the Carmelo Anthony rumor mill just a month ago, the New Jersey Nets are once again talking to the Denver Nuggets about acquiring the all-star small forward, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

It isn’t likely that the Nets are going to up their [...]

2010-2011 NBA Season Previews: New Jersey Nets

The New Jersey Nets, like the Knicks, were players during this off-season’s fiasco. With Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov purchasing the majority of the team, the Nets’ had limitless funds at their disposal and a banner with the most unusual pairing of Prokhorov and rapped Jay-Z hanging across the street from Madison Square Garden. They [...]

Video: Get Terrance Williams Into The Dunk Contest

With all due respect to Eric Gordon, Terrance Williams is a much better dunker and would have a great shot to win it all with his hops.

Attacking the Boards: Agent Zero Is Back, Philly Survives A Close One, and Trevor Ariza Gets The Last Laugh On Brandon Roy

If Gilbert Arenas can score like he did tonight without losing the concept of team play, there is no telling what this Washington team can do. Agent Zero had 32 points (9-of-13 shooting, 3-of-4 from three) and seven assists to lead Washington to pretty nice win over the Nets in their home opener. Arenas [...]

Reading the Internet

Reading the Internet” will give 3-5 links to stories, videos or pictures that are popular in the sports world for that day. The title of the article was inspired by Florida Marlins manager Freddy Gonzalez when he said “I read the newspaper…..and those others, uh, reading the internet…” in an interview on the Baseball Show on ESPN Radio.


Here are today’s headlines:

Worst Trade Of the Season: Well, now if the Rangers win the World Series, it will be tainted. Why in the world would you trade for Ivan Rodriguez? Oh, I see, it was the .251 batting average. Or maybe it was the eight homers in 93 games. [Baseball Time In Arlington]

Uh, Forget What We Said Earlier: We fully bought into the whole Bryce Harper is the Chosen One story, but as it turns out, that SI cover piece was clearly a curse. [Baseball America, Earlier: But The Game Is On]

Back to the National League It Is: John Smoltz is strongly leaning towards signing with the St. Louis Cardinals. Apparently the Cardinals saw him as a Red Sox, so he won’t be starting. [ESPN]

Shaq Vs. Was Scripted: At least we know that Shaq is worse at sports than two alleged racists. [LA Times]

Where is CP3, SKEETS?: Who is the fastest player in basketball? Of the players listed, it has to be Devin Harris. [Ball Don't Lie]

Hit the jump for a video of Cubs fans dressed as bears. Continue reading…

Should the Spurs Be Shopping Tony Parker?

Tony ParkerThe San Antonio Spurs have made quite a few moves to improve their ball club this off-season. From trading for Richard Jefferson to drafting DeJaun Blair, who seemed to be a lottery talent, in the second round of the 2009 NBA Draft, the Spurs front office is clearly making a push for a final title with Tim Duncan as the team leader.

However, adding Jefferson put the Spurs in a position they are not accustom to. Normally, the Spurs ran their franchise around three eight-figure contract guys, which has been Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli and Duncan over the past few years, and surrounded them with lesser cost players that worked hard – making the DeJuan Blair pick that much more meaningful and brilliant. Continue reading…

Derrick Rose is Ready to Take the 3rd Point Guard Spot

Jason Kidd recently told SI.com’s Chris Mannix that he would not be returning to the 2012 Team USA Basketball Team, leaving a roster spot open to a point guard to back-up Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

At the Team USA Basketball Showcase, four young point guards from around the NBA were invited to try [...]

Get Ready NBA, Anthony Randolph is Coming

It’s not very often when a six-foot-ten 20 year old with unlimited basketball potential goes unnoticed, but because of the market he plays in, Golden State Warriors forward Anthony Randolph is an unknown talent. However, I will admit that even though I consider myself to be a very serious NBA fan, I had not [...]