Grizzlies Dominate Second Half, Force Game Seven

The Memphis Grizzlies could have folded. They could have had a let down at home in game six, ending their season taking pleasure in the fact that they ousted the number one seeded Spurs in the first round. Nobody would have blamed them. After a crushing triple overtime loss on their home floor in [...]

A Trio Of Young Power Forwards Are Earning Their Stripes This Post-Season

Every post-season the opportunity presents itself for lesser known role players to get noticed. The bigger stage means more viewers and the more viewers there are the bigger the possibility that somebody remembers the contributions that those role players make. Sure, no matter what the superstars like Kobe or LeBron will be talked [...]

A Blessing In Disguise

The National Basketball Association is having one it’s best seasons ever. Ratings are up, the players are as good as they’ve ever been and league popularity is at an all-time high. Despite LeBron James‘ decision to take his talents to South Beach, thus forming a powerhouse in Miami with two other superstars (though [...]

Fans Are Desperately Searching For A Scapegoat In Oklahoma City

Every superstar around the league has a bevy of fan support and that support comes from three different kinds of people. First you have your casual fans, the ones that are generally following the team that plays closest to the city they live in. Then you have moderate fans, the ones that go to [...]

Grizzlies Storm Back From 16 Down To Beat The Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder seemed to have capture the momentum. After the Grizzlies took game one, the Thunder did a good job taking at least one win with them on the road by winning game two and in the third quarter of game three it looked like they’d be well on their way to [...]

On Mike Conley And His Post-Season Play

My latest over at Straight Outta Vancouver is on Mike Conley and his play this post-season and how it should finally put an end to all of the criticism surrounding the contract extension he signed back in November.

Here’s a little excerpt from the column:

Conley’s per game numbers for Memphis’ eight post-season games [...]

Would Memphis’ Playoff Cinderella Story Be Different If Rudy Gay Was Healthy?

Yesterday evening the Memphis Grizzlies captured a series clinching victory over the San Antonio Spurs, punching their ticket for a match-up with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Semi-Finals. The Grizzlies become the second eighth seed ever to defeat the number one seed in a seven game series. Memphis exploited their tremendous [...]

With Gay Out For The Year, Mayo Has One Last Chance To Shine

Amidst the Memphis Grizzlies first playoff run since the franchise traded Pau Gasol, Memphis has lost a key component to their success. After delaying his recovery time once before, Rudy Gay told the Memphis Commercial Appeal yesterday that his injury requires surgery and that he will miss the remainder of the season. With [...]

Wing Defenders Deserve More Credit

With the NBA season entering the stretch run, it looks as if Dwight Howard is well on his way to capturing his third straight Defensive Player of the Year Award. If Howard ends up winning the award, it will be well deserved. His work on the glass and as the defensive anchor for the [...]

A Pair Of Nail Biters Shake Up The Playoff Picture In The West

The New Orleans Hornets entered their Wednesday night game against the Dallas Mavericks undermanned with their leader and star Chris Paul sitting out a second straight game due to concussion like symptoms, so when the Carl Landry fouled out and Jarret Jack and Emeka Okafor each collected their fifth personal fouls, it didn’t look [...]