Drivin’: Jake Delhomme, Jay Cutler, and Matt Schaub Are Horrible. Mark Sanchez and Adrian Peterson Aren’t.

Drivin’ will be our weekly NFL wrap-up.

New Orleans Saints 45 – Detroit Lions 27: Drew Brees could have shattered every passing record there is had the Saints not called off the guns later in the game. Instead, Brees settled for a a mediocre 358 yards and an incredible six touchdowns. Brees went all [...]

Which is the true "Smash & Dash", White and Johnson or Stewart and Williams?

A bad year for AP awards, Matt Ryan is AP Rookie of the Year

Matt Ryan

I have already written a few articles on how the AP has messed up terribly on their sports awards this year. The selection of Matt Ryan for offensive rookie of the year is no exception. Ryan only threw 5 more TD passes than he threw INTs(16-11). “Matty Ice” doesn’t rank in [...]