Mavericks Shoot The Lights Out Again, Win 2011 NBA Championship


The Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions.

Six months ago, I never would have seen this coming, but in the blink of an eye the Mavericks switched from regular season mode to post-season mode and once they did that, the writing was on the wall. The regular season Mavericks weren’t bad in [...]

The LeBron James Paradox


When it comes to defending LeBron James for not being able to win an NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the argument was always that he never had sufficient help around him to properly combat the likes of the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics. Big Z was only on the team because of [...]

Heat Struggle To Close Again As Dallas Takes 3-2 Series Lead


At this point, what is going on with the Miami Heat deserves its own mini-series filled with L.A. Noire-like investigations and psychological evaluations by Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz (they are rea doctors, right?) to tell us what the problem with the Heat and late game leads is. Even if the Heat did [...]

LeBron: More Pippen Than Jordan?


Ever since his days at Saint Vincent Saint Mary’s High School in Akron, Ohio, LeBron James has drawn comparisons to Michael Jordan. From his incredibly entertaining play to his choice of number, James was the most polarizing high school athlete ever and the attention he garnered gave the media ample opportunities to set [...]

Despite Fever, Dirk Closes Strong As Mavs Tie Series 2-2


It is very easy to compare what Dirk Nowitzki did last night to what Michael Jordan did to the Utah Jazz back in Game Five of the 1997 NBA Finals because of the “sick superstar” narrative and while the performances could not be more different, the story in the fourth quarter was nearly [...]

Shawn Marion Is Revitalzing His Career This Post-Season


Back in 2006, the Phoenix Suns were the funnest team in the entire league to watch, especially in the post-season. Even though Amare Stoudemire had to sit things out due to a knee injury that forced him to miss all but three games of the regular season as well, the Suns had an [...]

Miami’s Big Three Collaborate On The Play That Won Game Three


The Miami Heat were dangerously close to blowing another fourth quarter lead against the Dallas Mavericks last night. After losing homecourt advantage in game two by relinquishing a 15-point lead in the game’s last seven minutes, Miami found themselves up against yet another second half surge from the Dallas Mavericks that had them [...]

Dallas Pulls Off Another Stunning Comeback, Ties Miami 1-1


The Miami Heat are the most watched team in the NBA for one simple reason: they have star power. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and occasionally Chris Bosh are polarizing figures in NBA circles and the amount of attention their play garners is one of driving forces behind the NBA’s strive to sports prominence.


Mavericks Struggle To Match-Up With LeBron James In Game One

Coming into the NBA Finals, most of the talk revolved around Dirk Nowitzki. Sometimes the talk was about his legacy and what a title would do for that but the most popular basketball topic was what the Heat would do to defend Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavericks had faced several good defensive teams on [...]

Heat Take 1-0 Lead Over Mavs Behind Strong Defensive Effort

Defense has been the staple of the Miami Heat’s success all season long, so its fitting that their defense would continue to make them an incredibly hard team to beat in the NBA Finals. In a game that resembled a contest from their Eastern Conference Finals series against Chicago, the Heat were able [...]