J.R. Smith Is Back On Twitter: JR SmithYep, another J.R. Smith post. After deleting his Twitter account that created controversy, Smith has made a new one. Chauncey, I thought you were watching him? His latest tweet asks everybody to join him in a chat room titled "Da Effin Best." We'll say he is out of the NBA by December. [JRSwish5] (0)(12095)

Two New Rivalries Coming Into Form

On today’s very busy NBA slate, there are two nationally televised games. The first will be a battle of Western Conference powers as the Los Angeles Lakers travel to Oklahoma City to take on the Thunder in a rematch of their epic first round playoff series from last year. The second game, which tips [...]

Anthony Struggles In Knicks Debut But Comes Through Late

For people like myself that thought the Carmelo Anthony-Amare Stoudemire pairing would be an awkward one with many bumps in the road, the first half of last night’s game between the New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks provided plenty of fodder. Anthony was isolating far too often, he was forcing things at the basket [...]

New York Knicks Acquire Carmelo Anthony But Nuggets Steal The Deal

Carmelo Anthony is a New York Knick. After months of speculation and rumors, it feels good to finally say it officially. Here is the deal that has been reported by Yahoo! Sports and the Denver Post:

Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman are headed to New York for Danilo [...]

Taking A Look At The Other Nuggets That Could Go Once Melo Is Dealt

The feeling around Los Angeles during All-Star Weekend has been one of anticipation. Multiple General Managers across the league are eagerly awaiting the Denver Nuggets to make a decision regarding Carmelo Anthony so that they can go about making their own moves.

Whether these opposing GMs are waiting on the Nuggets because they want to make sure Denver is going to sell before they ask for one of their other players or because they want to know if they need to make a move themselves to keep up with Denver, there is clearly a lot riding on the Anthony situation that goes beyond just the two teams involved in the deal.

For most teams, Melo getting dealt means they get an opportunity to pick at the post-Melo roster Denver will have. The Nuggets have a few very attractive pieces that any contender would do well to add but if the Nuggets end up keeping Anthony – extension or not – Denver is not going to part with any of the complementary pieces in hopes of making a post-season run to keep the fanbase interested and to potentially coax Carmelo into staying.

If the Nuggets do end up dealing Carmelo before the impending deadline, here are the most appealing Nuggets that other teams around the league should be in hot pursuit of.

Hit the jump for the four most appealing Nuggets that Denver should look to deal after shipping Melo…
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Billups May Be Involved In Melo Swap

The missing link in a potential deal involving Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks may be the each team’s respective point guards. The Nuggets are reportedly interested in obtaining Knicks’ point guard Raymond Felton in return for Carmelo, which is a wrinkle that hasn’t been previously discussed. The rumor was first reported by [...]

2009 NBA Season Previews: Denver Nuggets

2008-2009 Season Record: 54-28. First place in Northwest Division of the Western Conference (2nd in West). Smashed by the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

2008-2009 Team MVP: Chauncey Billups

Key Additions: Ty Lawson,  Arron Afflalo, and Malik Allen

Key Departures: Dahntay Jones and Linas Kleiza

Projected Starting Five:

PG – Chauncey [...]

J.R. Smith Is Back On Twitter:

Yep, another J.R. Smith post. After deleting his Twitter account that created controversy, Smith has made a new one. Chauncey, I thought you were watching him? His latest tweet asks everybody to join him in a chat room titled “Da Effin Best.” We’ll say he is out of the NBA by December. [...]

J.R. Smith Now Has a Babysitter

Chauncey Billups JR SmithTo recap this summer for J.R. Smith, again: threw up gang signs during the Lakers series, said he would hate people that taunt after they make shots (hates himself), eliminated by the Lakers, sentenced to 90 days in prison for basically killing a guy, then George Karl told me he would come off the bench next season because of his immaturity, next the Denver Post linked him to gangs because of the way he tweeted, which caused him to delete his twitter account, and now Smith has a babysitter. A rather famous one. Continue reading…

Exclusive: JR Smith to Come Off the Bench Next Season

In talking to Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl at today’s NBA Summer League action, Karl stated to me that Smith will be coming off the bench for the Nuggets next season. Karl cited a lack of improvement maturity wise on the part of Smith as the reason for him coming off the pine. [...]

Pistons Targetting Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva

The Detroit Pistons are looking at unrestricted free agents Ben Gordon, formally of the Chicago Bulls, and Charlie Villanueva, formally of the Milwaukee Bucks, as their primary targets in free agency.

Both players are visiting the team facilities today and it is possible that both ink long-term deals by the end of the day.