A Trip Inside Josh Smith’s Mind

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on the inside the mind of an NBA player? If so, here’s your chance to get into the head of Atlanta Hawks star power forward Josh Smith.


Rose, Bulls Lock Down On Atlanta, Take The Series

Before last night the Chicago Bulls hadn’t lived up to their full potential in the post-season. Despite their five game victory, the Indiana Pacers made them work for everything in the first round, holding leads late in the fourth quarter in almost every game. In their first five games against the Hawks, Chicago [...]

Josh Smith Is Betraying His Athletic Gifts, Again

If you’ve been watching any of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals series between the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls then there’s an excellent chance that you’ve witnessed a heinous crime. Some may even call it a crime against God because everytime I see Josh Smith take a jumpshot I can’t help but think he [...]

What Does Jeff Teague’s Recent Play Mean For Atlanta’s Future?

The Chicago Bulls evened up their Eastern Conference Semi-Final series against the Atlanta Hawks yesterday with an 86-73 victory. While that is certainly the biggest story to come out of the game, Jeff Teague‘s performance in yesterday’s game left me extremely impressed with the second year guard’s game. Teague had not even found himself [...]

Jeff Teague Holds His Ground Against League MVP Derrick Rose In Hawks’ Game One Victory

One of the three keys to the series I listed in my series preview of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals match-up between the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks was “Will Atlanta attempt to guard Derrick Rose with someone other than a point guard?”.

With Kirk Hinrich being out for this series with a hamstring injury [...]

Hawks’ Collapse Signifies Need For Change

For an entire half of their game against the Charlotte Bobcats yesterday, the Atlanta Hawks dominated. The Bobcats were clanking shots off the rim and turning the ball over at an alarming rate while Josh Smith was raining in jumpers and Mike Bibby was getting tip-ins over Stephen Jackson.

It took the Bobcats until the 2:30 mark in the second quarter to make their first field goal of the period and just before that basket was made, with three minutes left in the half, the Hawks announcers were so convinced their team would win that Dominique Wilkins proclaimed the Hawks were going to “run (Charlotte) out of the gym,” and that there was “no chance of them coming back.”

At the time, the statement seemed fairly accurate, but by the time the final buzzer sounded, the Hawks had found a way to prove Wilkins wrong.

More on the Hawks’ collapse and if they should make a deal after the break…

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Can The Lakers Pull Off A Blockbuster For Bynum?

Last season, around this time, there were rumblings that the Los Angeles Lakers were attempting to deal for Chris Bosh. The key to the deal would be center Andrew Bynum had any trade gone through but after a week or two of speculation (but no actual evidence from the Lakers that they were interested in Bosh), the rumors died and Bosh ended up going to Miami in the off-season. While there was never any confirmation that the Lakers were willing to deal Bynum in a deal for Bosh from the team, it was widely believed that he was on the market.

With the Lakers going through a bit of a rough patch right now (which isn’t saying much, for the defending champs in February, but still), trade rumors are starting to come up again. General Manager Mitch Kupchak mentioned last week that if he felt a trade needed to be made, that he would pull the trigger and ESPN’s Marc Stein reported today that Lakers’ forward Ron Artest is actually rooting to be traded by the defending world champions.

Clearly, Artest is not someone that teams will be calling the Lakers about, rather, if Los Angeles is going to deal him, they will be the ones having to sell Artest’s potential contributions across the league. But if Kupchak is serious about making an in-season deal with more than just a financial impact (like the Sasha Vujacic-Joe Smith swap), he does have one piece that every team in the league should be at least somewhat interested in.

If Andrew Bynum was on a team that wasn’t loaded like the Lakers and if he had avoided injuries to this point in his career, there’s no doubt in my mind that we are talking about Bynum as one of the best if not the best center in the league along with Dwight Howard. Offensively, he’s extremely talented with a bevy of moves in the post and the strength of an ox that allows him to back down almost any post defender that has the tall order of guarding his backside. On defense, we have seen just how valuable Bynum can be this season as the Lakers have been a much better defensive team when Drew is guarding the weakside.

Despite the lengthy list of injuries Bynum has suffered at such a young age, he is still just 23 years old, and as the top big man on a team with good role players and a star on the wing, he can be one of the most effective players in the entire league. Thus, almost any ballclub that isn’t already in the title chase would do well to acquire such a promising young big man.

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2010-2011 NBA Season Previews: Atlanta Hawks

For the past two seasons, the Atlanta Hawks have been stuck in the middle ground of the Eastern Conference. Where as the have actually finished in the top half of the conference, they were never truly included on the list of true title contenders in the East (which, over the past two seasons, consisted [...]

Hawks’ Forward Marvin Williams Is Making Strides

The Atlanta Hawks are having one of the finest seasons in franchise history. After a nine season stretch of finishing with a below five hundred record that started back in 1999-2000, the Hawks are on the verge of finishing second in the Southeast Division for the second straight season, putting them in position for another top four finish in the Eastern Conference.

Their current 43-23 record comes thanks to a somewhat unorthodox playing style. With all of the athletes they have, one would assume they play at a fast pace in order to maximize their athletic advantage. However, even though they rank fourth in the NBA with 16.5 fast break points per game, Atlanta also plays at one of the slowest paces in the league, averaging just 93.1 possessions per contest, which is the fifth slowest in the league.

This best of both worlds offense is pretty rare in today’s game, yet Atlanta manages to produce a top five offensive efficiency rating (4th at 108.9 points per 100 possessions) and a respectable defensive rating (14th at 104.1 points given up per 100 possessions). Only a team like Cleveland, who many consider the favorite in the Eastern Conference, has similar numbers (3rd in offensive efficiency, 7th in defensive efficiency).

More on the Hawks and the contributions their overlooked small forward is making after the break…

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Source: Hawks to Sign Combination Of Their Best Players

The Atlanta Hawks have agreed to terms with free agent forward Joe Smith, according to a source close to the team.

The deal is believed to be worth the league’s veteran minimum for one year.

Smith was picked first overall by the Golden State Warriors in 1995, and has not lived up to first [...]