Rockets, Suns Swap Young Point Guards

After a breakout campaign during the 2009-2010 regular season that earned him the most improved player award,  point guard Aaron Brooks was expected to do big things for the Houston Rockets this season. After a break run in the 2009-2010 post-season, point guard Goran Dragic was expected to do big things for the Phoenix [...]

Reading the Internet

Reading the Internet” will give 3-5 links to stories, videos or pictures that are popular in the sports world for that day. The title of the article was inspired by Florida Marlins manager Freddy Gonzalez when he said “I read the newspaper…..and those others, uh, reading the internet…” in an interview on the Baseball Show on ESPN Radio.


Here are today’s headlines:

Worst Trade Of the Season: Well, now if the Rangers win the World Series, it will be tainted. Why in the world would you trade for Ivan Rodriguez? Oh, I see, it was the .251 batting average. Or maybe it was the eight homers in 93 games. [Baseball Time In Arlington]

Uh, Forget What We Said Earlier: We fully bought into the whole Bryce Harper is the Chosen One story, but as it turns out, that SI cover piece was clearly a curse. [Baseball America, Earlier: But The Game Is On]

Back to the National League It Is: John Smoltz is strongly leaning towards signing with the St. Louis Cardinals. Apparently the Cardinals saw him as a Red Sox, so he won’t be starting. [ESPN]

Shaq Vs. Was Scripted: At least we know that Shaq is worse at sports than two alleged racists. [LA Times]

Where is CP3, SKEETS?: Who is the fastest player in basketball? Of the players listed, it has to be Devin Harris. [Ball Don't Lie]

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Trevor Ariza Lands With the Rockets

Former Los Angeles Laker Trevor Ariza has made a commitment to the Houston Rockets completing a virtual free agent swap between the two teams.

Ariza has verbally agreed to a five year, $33 million deal, according to Marc Spears of the Boston Globe.

Earlier today, Ron Artest signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, so [...]

2009 NBA Draft Preview: No. 24 Portland Trail Blazers

2008 First Round Pick: Brandon Rush, who they traded to the Indiana Pacers for Jerryd Bayless. Bayless was thought to be the back-up point guard, but at the end of the year, he was the third string guy.

Departures: Channing Frye (restricted), Raef LaFrentz, Shavlik Randolph, Michael Ruffin.

Needs: I think a true point [...]

2009 NBA Draft Preview: No. 29 Los Angeles Lakers

Last Meaningful Draft Pick: 2007, 2nd round, 48th overall, Marc Gasol. One of the few things that Memphis got in return for his brother, Pau Gasol, who was the second option on the 2009 NBA Championship team.

Departures: Shannon Brown (restricted), Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom (these two will have a post of their own), [...]

Is Jameer Nelson's Return a Bad Thing for Rafer Alston and Anthony Johnson?

It sure seemed like it in Game One. Rafer was 2-of-9 from the field, with most of his misses coming off wide open shots. The reason that the Houston Rockets traded Alston was because he was struggling with Aaron Brooks fighting for his job. With Nelson playing just two less minutes than Alston and [...]

Size Advantage Put Lakers in Western Conference Finals for the Second Straight Year

The final game of this series was almost predictable looking at the way both teams have responded to losses in previous games. The Los Angeles Lakers jumped to a 17-4 lead in the first quarter, which was very similar to the start of Game 6 in Houston, and it was over from there. The [...]

Are the Rockets Better Without Yao Ming?

We all know that advantages that the Houston Rockets have when Yao Ming is on the court, his length, his rebounding, his mid-range game. But are they a better team without his skill set, which brings about a lack of mobility for their offense and decreases their athletic ability on defense?

The numbers say [...]

Lakers Rebound, Destroy Rockets By 40

After being down by 29 in Game 4 against the Rockets, the Los Angles Lakers would repay Houston by destroying them 118-78.

Despite a hot start from the Rockets, the Lakers were able to control the tempo of the game, going inside and hitting from outside to play an almost perfect game. The Rockets [...]

Rockets Rally Around Yao To Outhustle Lakers

The Houston Rockets started the game out with a 9-0 lead, and they never looked back, coasting to a 99-87 victory.

It was all about Aaron Brooks and Shane Battier.

Brooks was explosive off the dribble, showing the Steve Nash/Chris Paul ability to keep the dribble alive after driving to the basket. His outside [...]