But The Game Is On Mailbag: Edition 01

In a guard driven league, who do you think are the top ten guards in the NBA?

- Scott in Florida

My top 10 guards:

1a. Derrick Rose 1b. Chris Paul 3a. Dwyane Wade 3b. Kobe Bryant 5. Russell Westbrook 6. Deron Williams 7. Eric Gordon 8. Steve Nash 9. Monta Ellis 10. [...]

Video Interview: Indiana Pacers Guard George Hill

Grant Hill: The Prized Free Agent Target For Contenders

Grant Hill

Overall, this summer has been a huge disappointment for the NBA. After having one of the best NBA Playoff runs ever that was capped off with the league’s brightest foreign star defeating two of the league’s brightest stars period, the NBA failed to reach an agreement with their players and is currently entrenched [...]

Kobe Bryant May Take His Talents To China

Kobe Bryant

Since the NBA lockout started at 12:01 EST this morning, Brian Scalabrine is the most popular player to publicly consider playing oversees. Scalabrine says that he will sign oversees if the NBA labor situation doesn’t improve over the next 15 days. Even though Scalabrine isn’t a very good player, his move may open [...]

And The Lockout Begins…


Rather than giving you my thoughts on the NBA’s lockout I’m simply going to list the headlines on each team’s site now that they are restricted from showing players.

Atlanta Hawks: Cheerleader Tryouts Boston Celtics: Dance Auditions with interviews with some of the finalists Charlotte Bobcats: Meet the 2011-2012 Lady Cats Chicago Bulls: Chicago [...]