Would Memphis’ Playoff Cinderella Story Be Different If Rudy Gay Was Healthy?

Yesterday evening the Memphis Grizzlies captured a series clinching victory over the San Antonio Spurs, punching their ticket for a match-up with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Semi-Finals. The Grizzlies become the second eighth seed ever to defeat the number one seed in a seven game series. Memphis exploited their tremendous [...]

Zach Randolph Puts A Fork In The Spurs’ Franchise

After getting off to an incredible start in front of their fiery home crowd, the Memphis Grizzles went into half-time up 46-43 on the Spurs in their second attempt to close out San Antonio. The Grizzlies were destroying the Spurs early and jumped out to a 12-2 lead in the first few minutes of [...]

Fisher, Artest Key In The Lakers’ First Round Series Victory

It’s hard to argue against calling Andrew Bynum the Los Angeles’ Lakers first round MVP. After his performance against the New Orleans Hornets – 15 points, 10 rebounds, two blocker per game; 56% shooting – I am convinced that Bynum is capable of carrying the Lakers offensively if they ever need to make a [...]

Taking A Look At The Lakers’ Unique 4/5 Pick And Roll

The Los Angeles Lakers are the two-time defending champions for many reasons but the most unique advantage they have over the rest of the league is their tremendous size. In Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom the Lakers have three seven foot bodies (whether it be straight toe to head length or wingspan) [...]

Lakers Close Out The Hornets In A Rout

After four strong games from the New Orleans Hornets, the Los Angeles Lakers were able to pull off their second straight blowout victory, effectively ending the series with a 98-80 rout on New Orleans’ home floor. The Hornets, like every other game in this series, came out strong and took the lead during the [...]

Hawks Close Out The Magic, Will Face Chicago On Monday

In one of the worst performances in a closeout game victory you’ll ever see, the Atlanta Hawks were able to send the Orlando Magic into the off-season with an 84-81 victory. Despite the magnitude of the contest this one was a snoozer, even when the Magic cut it to one in the final minute. [...]

Lakers’ Dominate The Second Half Of Game Five To Take A 3-2 Lead

The parallels between the Lakers’ first round series against the New Orleans Hornets this year and their first round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder last year continue to show themselves. I detailed some of the major storylines between the two series’ that have been familiar in a column over the weekend but this [...]

Grizzlies Take A Commanding 3-1 Lead Over The Spurs

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things in my life – I thought the Celtics were done last season, I predicted that the Washington Wizards would be a playoff team this season, etc. – but one thing that I was dead on about was this San Antonio-Memphis series.

I’ve been constantly telling folks [...]

Dwight Howard Is Giving Orlando One Heck Of A Going Away Present

The title of this post is a bit facetious but lets not kid ourselves: With every Orlando post-season loss, Dwight Howard becomes that much closer to either leaving the team in free agency or demanding his way out of Orlando ala Carmelo Anthony. Howard is been open with his thoughts on the play of his [...]

Lakers’ Three-Peat Script Very Similar To Last Year’s

The New Orleans Hornets shocked the world last night with their victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, effectively tying their first round series with the defending champs 2-2. As is the case with almost any loss for Los Angeles, Laker fans have gotten a bit antsy given New Orleans’ surprising ability to contend with [...]