Bobcats Shopping Gerald Wallace And Other Trade Deadline Chatter

Believe it or not, Carmelo Anthony is not the only player on the market as the NBA trade deadline swiftly approaches. There are plenty of other role players that can be had at the right price and while they cannot match-up with Anthony in terms of star power, they can complete the puzzle for contenders by doing what they do best.

One of those role players is Charlotte Bobcats’ small forward Gerald Wallace. The Bobcats are reportedly shopping both Wallace and Stephen Jackson with Wallace being more likely to get dealt. Wallace is an interesting player and is one that almost any team would like to have. He gets after it on the defensive end and he can check just about anybody on that end of the floor thanks to his limitless athleticism and length, he is one of the game’s better slashers and can finish at the rim strong and he’s one of the league’s very best rebounders despite playing small forward for the majority of the year.

The other part of the year, Wallace plays power forward, which is a nod to his versatility. At the four, he’s an active¬†demon¬†on the boards and he can hold his own with almost all post players on the block. The problem with Wallace this season has been his inability to hit his outside shot. After hitting a career high 37% of his three-pointers last season, Wallace has regressed to 33% and while that number is still above his career shooting percentage from long-range, it’s still below average.

The Portland Trail Blazers and Houston Rockets have both been rumored to have interest in Jackson and Wallace. The Lakers have also reportedly talked to the Bobcats about a potential swap of Ron Artest and Wallace though those talks did not go very far before the Bobcats ended them. Wallace can be a defensive asset for any and all contenders in the NBA and it will be interesting to see if the Bobcats, who are in the playoff picture themselves, will end up trading him to cut costs. Stephen Jackson is less likely to get dealt because of his volatile personality and lengthier contract.

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