Michael Jordan Practices With The Bobcats

During the summer, I asked Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace what it was like playing for a team owned by NBA great Michael Jordan.

“(Michael’s given me) a lot of direction,’ Wallace told me. “Not only me but my teammates also. He’s tried to guide us and turn us into a championship caliber team. [...]

Jerry Sloan Resigns From The Jazz

After signs last night pointed to a possible resignation or firing for Jerry Sloan, the long tenured Jazz head coach did call it quits today. Multiple media outlets are citing a major disconnect with Jazz star Deron Williams as the reason Sloan called it quits, something I saw coming.

Those reports also state the [...]

NBA Cancels H-O-R-S-E Competition

The NBA has confirmed to SBNation that they will have a H-O-R-S-E competition at this year’s NBA All-Star game. Fans had complained that the competition, which lasted two years, with Kevin Durant winning both times, took too long and that the rules were shaky – last year’s contest went on for so long that [...]

Bulls, Rockets Talking Trade About Lee

Of the many NBA rumors and trade ideas thrown around during this time of the season, with the trade deadline looming, a report detailing a possible swap between Houston Rockets guard Courtney Lee and Chicago Bulls center Omer Asik may not be among the most fun to talk about, but it’s one of the [...]

Jerry Sloan Arrives Late To Press Conference, Cancels Thursday Practice

Jerry Sloan was more than 30 minutes late to his usual post-game press conference with the media Wednesday night after having a length discussion behind closed doors with his assistant coaches and Utah Jazz General Manager Kevin O’Connor.

This meeting came after a very disheartening loss to the Chicago Bulls, otherwise known as the [...]