Source: Kevin Palmer Gets Training Camp Invite From The Wizards

Kevin Palmer, a former Texas A&M Corpus Christi Islander, was invited to the Washington Wizards training camp yesterday, a source close to the situation told But The Game Is On.

Palmer, a six-foot-six small forward, played for the Wizards’ Summer League team in Las Vegas, Nevada, averaging eight points, three rebounds and one assist [...]

Mind On The Majors: Cantu To The Rangers, The Rays Are For Real And More

Here are some baseball thoughts for you:

-The Texas Rangers traded two lower level prospects for Jorge Cantu yesterday. Cantu is Texas’ third major addition of the season with Cliff Lee and Benji Molina being the others. With the Angels tailing off a bit this season, the Rangers seem like a lock to win the AL West at this point and their roster is starting to look pretty post-season friendly. A veteran backstop, an RBI machine at first base (the Ranger’s largest weak spot on offense this season due to a very poor season from Chris Davis, who was sent down to AAA yesterday, and the trading of Justin Smoak to acquire…), and an ace in Cliff Lee that can go out and win any game as long as he is given a run of support.

Tie that in with a core that can score 10 runs on any given night thanks to guys like Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Vladimir Guerrero and Michael Young and you get a pretty special offensive club. Molina has already helped out with the staff quite a bit and his presence as well as Vlad’s, the Rangers have a couple of guys who have been through the ups and downs of the league and can provide leadership. Cantu has been having a down season this year but it seems that way for every Marlin. He drove in 100 runs for Florida last season and that’s exactly what Texas got him for.

The Rangers already have a lot of pop in their line-up and their park helps, but as I said before, they haven’t gotten a lot of help from the first base slot. With Cantu batting somewhere in the middle, Texas should see a couple of more runs come across the plate now that they have a proven run producer replacing the likes of the highly touted Chris Davis, who had just three RBI’s in 31 games this season.

As an added bonus, with Ian Kinsler headed to the DL, Cantu can slide over to second base while first base prospect Mitch Moreland, who went two-for-four in his major league debut yesterday, plays first. Assuming Kinsler is back for the post-season, how does a line-up with Andrus and Borbon setting the table for Cantu, Kinsler, Cruz, Guerrero, Molina and Hamilton? Sounds top notch to me. And then you have Michael Young, who is a do-it-all glue guy that is hitting .307 this season with 15 homers and 59 RBI’s while playing excellent defense at the hot corner.

Not bad at all.

Adding Lee to the rotation gave them one of the most dependable starters in the league and their first clear ace in a long, long time. The hole with the staff is that the rest of the starters are unproven and somewhat unreliable. Take Scott Feldman, for example. Feldman earned himself a large and long extension from the Rangers last season with a 17-8 record and a 4.08 ERA (pretty good for that ballpark). His emergence made it looked like the Rangers had found themselves a reliable option and a possible ace going forward. Fast forward to this season and the guy that looked like an ace is boasting a 5.46 ERA and a 5-9 record. Tommy Hunter is this year’s version of Feldman, even better in some regards. He’s 8-0 with a 2.31 ERA. C.J. Wilson is also having a great season in his first yeart as a starter. He’s 10-5 with 100 strikeouts and a 3.11 ERA. Will that hold up in the post-season? There is little reason to believe so, considering he’s never pitched more than 75 innings before (he’s at 127.2 IP, now.)

The good part about the Ranger’s pitching staff is that, after their guaranteed good to great outing from Lee in a post-season series, if they get six or seven quality innings out of Feldman, Hunter, Wilson or even Colby Lewis, their bullpen will most likely shut the opposition down. With arms like Darren Oliver, Frank Fransico and Neftali Feliz, the Rangers boast the league’s fourth best bull pen ERA and the second most saves in the majors. Feliz has a high ERA for a closer (3.65) but he’s got 28 saves in 30 opportunities and is an absolute flamethrower.

The Rangers are making a run. And I think its going to be more than a sprint. Continue reading…

Brown Expected To Return To The Lakers

Shannon Brown is expected to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers within the week, a source told our sister site NBA News and Rumors. Keeping Brown around would be an eventful ending to a surprisingly active off-season for the defending champions, who have made more additions than most thought possible given their cap situation.


The Immediate Future Is Surprisingly Bright In Phoenix

When you look at the Phoenix Suns’ off-season, the first thing you notice is that they lost Amare Stoudemire to the New York Knicks. Obviously, losing a player like that means a complete overhaul of the Suns’ offense. Stoudemire ran countless pick and rolls with Steve Nash last season and was the only guy [...]

Team USA To Cut Roster Down To 15 Tomorrow

Team USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo will announce tomorrow in a teleconference with the media the 15 players that will continue practicing with Team USA in the New York training camp.

As of now, however, But The Game Is On has learned that there are several players that will not be cut tomorrow and [...]

Rose Is Ready To Step Into The Shadows

The Chicago Bulls were one of the six teams dragged through the circus that surrounded LeBron James this off-season. They were one of the teams that James had a sit down meeting with and he was supposedly interested in playing there. There was folklore that anytime that LeBron went to Chicago, he would sit [...]

Team USA Basketball Press Conference

Durant, Rose Lead The White Squad To A USA Basketball Showcase Victory

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (But The Game Is On) – There are not a lot of ways you can describe the 2010 Team USA Basketball Showcase that transpired last night. There was nothing on the line for the team overall (though, on an individual standpoint, there were roster spots to be had), there was a [...]

Team USA Basketball Practice Notebook: July 23rd

Rose Tired After Four Days Of Practice

Derrick Rose has worked extremely hard during this week with Team USA Basketball and has made a pretty good case for himself to make the team. If there’s any good excuse for being a little exhausted, that’d be it.

“I’m a little tired, fatigued. We’re going hard [...]

Rajon Rondo: One Of A Kind

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (But The Game Is On) – At the top of the NBA’s point guard class we have a Chris, a Deron, a Steve, a Derrick, a Russell, a Jason. And a Rajon.

Rajon Rondo.

Even the name is unique.

Everything about the six-foot-one point guard that just finished up his [...]