My Predictions on Where the Top 10 Free Agents Will Land

Everybody is reporting something new everyday but with July 1st just hours away, here are my predictions.

LeBron James

I think LeBron’s ego is too big to handle playing alongside a player that is better or just as good as him like Dwyane Wade. If LeBron was going to pair up with Wade, why [...]

Is Minnesota Really Going to Go After Rudy Gay?

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been a mystery for about three years now. The franchise as a whole has lacked identity since it traded its face and most popular player Kevin Garnett to the Celtics a few years ago. The Kevin Love pairing with Al Jefferson has been shaky at best, last season David Kahn [...]

Joe Johnson to the Mavericks Makes Sense

At this point in time, rumors involving this crop of free agents and where they are likely headed are so plentiful that the actual content of any report is doubted more than it is believed. One day, LeBron is going to stay in Cleveland. The next, Chicago is the choice. After that, its obviously [...]

Video: More Than A Game

Daryl Morey is Building Something Scary in Houston

Certainly, it is too early to make predictions for the 2010-2011 season. There are far too many things that yet to take place this off-season, far too many stories searching for an ending in one of the most talent filled free agent pools in the history of the NBA. To make an assertion regarding [...]

Reading the Internet: 6.26.10

With the NBA waters quieting down for a week, we bring Reading the Internet back for not only this week but for the free agency period as well so you can have your latest rumors everyday.

Here are today’s headline:

Today, I am all about Team USA soccer. As I’ve said before, I’m [...]

2010 NBA Draft Pick-By-Pick Analysis: First Round

1. Washington Wizards – John Wall, Point Guard, Kentucky – This was the no brainer since he was recruited, really. It is still yet to be seen whether or not he and Gilbert Arenas can play together for 30 minutes much less 82 games, but he was the pick and there was absolutely no [...]

Revisiting My 2010 NBA Mock Draft

Green – Correct

Red – Wrong

Black – +/- 1

13 correct, 17 wrong, five within one.

Biggest hit: Jordan Crawford to the Nets at 27 (though he was dealt to the Hawks)

Biggest miss: Hassan Whiteside to Portland at 22

With all the trading that went on, I’m extremely happy with nearly 50% [...]

2010 NBA Draft Live Blog

2010 NBA Draft Live Blog

Wizards Deal For Hinrich, 17th Overall Pick

The Washington Wizards have acquired point guard Kirk Hinrich and the 17th overall pick from the Chicago Bulls, according to ESPN”s Rich Bucher, who said it is not clear as of yet what Chicago will be receiving in return. Much like yesterday’s deal between the Thunder and the Heat, Chicago made this deal in [...]