Videos: Shannon Brown Amazing Put Back and Rudy Gay’s Tomahawk

Fact: Shannon Brown can jump higher than LeBron.

Attacking the Boards: Brandon Jennings Electric In Debut, The Cavs Won A Game, and Chris Paul Comes Through In Crunch Time

New Orleans Hornets 97 – Sacramento Kings 92: There is no reason why the Kings should be hanging with the Hornets in any game ever, but it happened tonight, and it turned out to be for the better. Down the stretch we had some kind of battle. How about barely 6-foot Chris Paul versus [...]

Pre-Game Warm-Ups: Anthony Getting Love, Shaq Still A Distraction and Your Games To Watch Tonight

Carmelo Anthony is finally getting the respect he derserves: I loved this guy in the playoffs last season and I really wished that I listed him as my primary MVP candidate this season, because he is going to win it. As long as he keeps his head in right place and continues to [...]

Videos: ‘Melo’s 41 and Derrick Roses’ Stuff

And now for Rose stuffing Richard Jefferson.

Attacking the Boards: Derrick Rose and His Bulls Open Strong and Carmelo Is A Monster

Chicago Bulls 92 – San Antonio Spurs 85: Every game I watch I realize how lucky I am to be able to watch all of these young guys play basketball. Yesterday it was Kevin Durant, today it was Derrick Rose. What an amazing talent. Tonight he absolutely ripped Tony Parker to [...]

Applying Trigonomety To Basketball: Understanding The Triangle Offense

Why would I post such an article, you say? Well that’s because I want extra credit in Pre-Cal thank you very much.

While coaching the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, Phil Jackson unveiled something that would change the landscape of the NBA. It was a revolutionary new offensive scheme that was [...]

Jets Sign Chestnut as Sanchez backup

New York, NY– The New York Jets finalized a deal today with back-to-back Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest winner Joey Chestnut. Though the terms of deal were undisclosed, the 25-year-old construction engineer is expected to backup QB Mark Sanchez, whose recent antics on the sidelines have caused some controversy.

For those who are somehow [...]

Video: Carmelo Anthony's Ridiculous Poster

Bonus Video: Josh Smith with the hammer.

cold sore remedies swim caps escondido humane society corpus christi tx chinese food [...]

Attacking the Boards: The Magic Are Beast, Raptors Stun the Cavs, J-Smooth Has Arrived, and Terrance Williams and Carmelo Anthony Are Studs

Orlando Magic 120 – Philadelphia 76ers 106: What a way to open the season for the defending Eastern Conference Champs. Don’t let the final score fool you, the Magic flat out dominated this game, leading by a margin of 31 at one point while the largest deficit they faced was just [...]

Pre-Game Warm-Ups: A New NBA Post

This will be the comment post on all weekdays for the NBA games. We’ll throw out some news nuggets and tell you what games to watch, too.

Brandon Jennings To Start at Point Guard For Milwaukee: 10th overall pick Brandon Jennings will start at point guard this season for the Milwaukee Bucks. I’ve said [...]