Prepping You For Team USA’s Opening Match Verus England

Though the atmosphere around the opening day of the World Cup was fascinating and even though seeing a nation come together with one common passion, I still am not a soccer fan. I don’t care for the 90 some odd minutes of continuous action that isn’t very action packed. I don’t care for the [...]

Forbes List: Ten Highest Paid Athletes in the World

Here is the list that Forbes compiled of the highest paid athletes:

1. Tiger Woods $110 million (Golf) T-2. Kobe Bryant $45 million (Basketball) T-2. Kimi Raikkonen $45 million (Racing) T-2. Michael Jordan $45 million (Basketball) 5. David Beckham $42 million (Soccer) T-6. LeBron James $40 million (Basketball) T-6. Phil Mickelson $40 million (Golf) [...]

Awesome?: Soccer Player Banned for Swine Flu Antics

Hector Reynoso is a soccer defender that plays for the Chivas de Guadalajara. He has spent all 9 years of his career with that club and has quite the reputation for being a defender.

Well, his reputation may take a little bit of hit after being banned international soccer competition for some inhumane acts [...]