Phillies/Yankees World Series Preview

Previews are pointless. Rarely do they offer any insight into what their actually previewing. Most fans already know who is who and what is what. It’s the World Series. If you didn’t know the specifics, you probably weren’t going to watch anyway. Especially with baseball. This 2009 season has been going [...]

Week 3 Fantasy Recap

Spare me. Don’t tell me not to get mad at players for getting hurt. I will. It helps me cope.

I was penciled in to win Week 3 in my fantasy league. Tossing aside the “projected” points for each player, I had the better team. I was also on my way to a 2007 [...]

Why I am excited for the 2009 NFL Season

Sean B. Fitzgerald states the reasons why he is excited for the 2009 NFL Season. From annoying quarterbacks to more annoying quarterbacks, the reasons run the gamut. So print it out, hop on the toilet and forget your worries. We’re only 9 days away. [...]

Major League Baseball: Three Weeks In

Sean B. Fitzgerald writes about sports, pop culture, life, and his hatred for Facebook on his self-titled blog Sean B. Fitzgerald (Creative, huh?). Check him out. He’s good, he’s very good.

Unlike the other three major sports, baseball is the most difficult to predict the future successes of players and teams based [...]