The Associated Press Makes A Big Mistake By Calling Tiger Woods The “Athlete of the Decade”

Can anyone explain to me how in the world Tiger Woods can be the athlete of the decade? No, I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it because of his recent personal trouble. I’m saying he doesn’t deserve it because in no world is Tiger Woods close to an athlete.

How can 56 members of [...]

Forbes List: Ten Highest Paid Athletes in the World

Here is the list that Forbes compiled of the highest paid athletes:

1. Tiger Woods $110 million (Golf) T-2. Kobe Bryant $45 million (Basketball) T-2. Kimi Raikkonen $45 million (Racing) T-2. Michael Jordan $45 million (Basketball) 5. David Beckham $42 million (Soccer) T-6. LeBron James $40 million (Basketball) T-6. Phil Mickelson $40 million (Golf) [...]