Headed To Oakland: We're on our way to Oakland to the see the White Sox and A's. We'll be tweeting and scouting. (0)(12118)

LeBron Lays A Fourth Quarter Egg Against The Spurs

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — After being outdueled in the fourth quarter by the game’s ultimate closer, Kobe Bryant, on Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Lakers, Manu Ginobili stepped up his game against LeBron James in the final period to lead the Spurs to a 102-97 victory, ending the Cleveland Cavaliers’ winning streak at [...]

Kobe Destroys The Spurs In The Fourth To Win 7th In A Row

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — My evening in San Antonio started with Adam Morrison waving at a few guys infront of me during warm-ups, which made me bust out in laughter solely because he looks hilarious with his array of facial hair. That was the first smile of many on the night.

The Lakers got [...]

Michael Crabtree Impressive and Effective In His Pro Debut

HOUSTON, TEXAS (But The Game Is On) – – – 6 plays.

After a couple of weeks of speculation as to how many snaps rookie wide receiver Michael Crabtree would be in on in his debut, Crabtree could be found standing on the sidelines for just six of the San Fransisco 49ers snaps.


Carroll’s Charles Coleman Defeats Laredo Alexander Alone

If it hadn’t of been for #3 lining up in the backfield behind Carroll Tigers’ quarterback Jake Sims, Head Coach Terry Morris would be on the hot seat for his job. Well, that’s probably too extreme, but it would have been an ugly result for a Carroll team that was looking at Laredo Alexander [...]

Headed To Oakland:

We’re on our way to Oakland to the see the White Sox and A’s. We’ll be tweeting and scouting.

Bengie Molina and Eugenio Velez Notch a Win for Zito

We headed to the ballpark expecting a slobber knocker, but the offenses didn’t go too crazy, and Barry Zito actually got a win. Zito went six innings striking out four while only giving up three hits and two earned runs. The ump was calling him tight all day but somehow he finished with a [...]

Well That Was a Mess

Expecting a complete game two-hitter from Lincecum with 11 strikeouts, we were disappointed. Lincecum had an OK day, going seven innings with seven K’s, one walk and just two earned runs. Lincecum was lifted for a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the seventh with a 4-3 lead, but the Giants managed to give up [...]

NBA Summer League: Funner Than You Think

After paying $24 to watch 8.5 basketball games in 24 hours, I can say that the NBA Summer League is the most accessible NBA operation that there is. Players were walking around the concourse before and after games, and kids swarmed them for autographs. Brooks Lopez sat in front of me to see his [...]

My First Game as a Member of the Media

It had taken me countless hours of hard work and research to get to this point, but at the ripe age of 15, I made my first trip to a ballgame as a member of the “media.” The person that gave me my first opportunity to experience the life [...]

Video Interview: Rangers Prospect Justin Smoak