Fantasy Football Pick-Ups For Week Six

Here are the guys you should be looking for on your waiver wire for Week Six of the NFL season and beyond.

*The top guy available right now in my mind is Colts’ wide receiver Austin Collie. Collie’s production has grown since the first game of his career, with his best game coming last [...]

Week 4 Fantasy Recap

I’ll admit it. A large percentage of my fantasy football success is relied solely on luck. I mean, there are times when I make the most boneheaded roster moves, or my star players aren’t performing and I’m lucky enough to have a great day by an unlikely position.

Take for instance, today.

Looking [...]

Week 3 Fantasy Recap

Spare me. Don’t tell me not to get mad at players for getting hurt. I will. It helps me cope.

I was penciled in to win Week 3 in my fantasy league. Tossing aside the “projected” points for each player, I had the better team. I was also on my way to a 2007 [...]

Why I am excited for the 2009 NFL Season

Sean B. Fitzgerald states the reasons why he is excited for the 2009 NFL Season. From annoying quarterbacks to more annoying quarterbacks, the reasons run the gamut. So print it out, hop on the toilet and forget your worries. We’re only 9 days away. [...]

Fantasy Football Stud: Brandon Jacobs

There is no questioning the raw power that Brandon Jacobs brings to the football field every time he touches the ball. Other than Marion Barber, Jacobs is easily the hardest player in the NFL to bring down, and that is evident almost every carry he gets (see above).

Last season, Jacobs [...]

Fantasy Football Preview: Top Five Running Backs

Disclaimer: This is for PPR (points per reception) leagues.

1. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings – The gap between Peterson and the next best back in the NFL is the biggest difference between any two players at their respective positions in my opinion. He’s 24 and he’s only been in the NFL for two seasons. [...]

Fantasy Football Preview: Top Five Quarterbacks

1. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints – While the more conventional pick would be Tom Brady because of the offensive weapons that he has, Brees is my pick. With a solid enough running game around him and a very underrated receiving core headed by Marques Colston, Brees surprised a lot of people last season. [...]