Drivin’: A Pair Of Pierre’s And A Hartley

Peyton Manning had a lot of time to dissect this Jets defense. He had time to reconcile his own regrets over that Week 16 loss to New York. And he used that time to perfect an offensive game plan that would end up sending Cinderella home from the ball.

Manning finished with 377 yards [...]

Drivin’: The Emergence Of Ryan Moats

I think it is clear now that Gary Kubiak has to make a change at the running back position. After another fumble this afternoon (It was a weak one too. There seemed to be no contact that forced the ball out, he just lost control), Kubiak benched Slaton for the rest of the afternoon [...]

Drivin’: The Saints and Colts Are The Teams To Beat, Cedric Gets Revenge and the Vikings Fall

*The New Orleans Saints went into halftime down 24-10. The Dolphins were running all over them, Drew Brees had thrown two interceptions, and Chad Henne was protecting the football and allowing his two elite running backs, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, to do their work on the ground. But when all was thought to [...]

Drivin’: McDaniels Gets Revenge on Belichick, Dallas Gets Extremely Lucky and Gary Kubiak Should Be Fired

Coming into today’s match-up between the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals, everybody was expecting a back and forth battle between two high powered offenses. Instead, for the first 30 minutes, it was all one sided.

Arizona came out throwing, which is all they have been doing for the last year and a half, and [...]

Drivin’: Texans Lose A Heart Breaker, Brett Favre Gets Lucky and the Detroit Lions Have The Same Record As the Steelers

Jacksonville Jaguars 31 – Houston Texans 24: The Houston Texans are 1-2. Not the start I expected from my AFC Champion.

It was the same old story for Houston. They could not stop the big play offense while stupid penalties and a turnover did them in. Here is a summary of those events:

Maurice [...]

Drivin’: Peyton Manning the Magician

Indianapolis Colts 27 – Miami Dolphins 23: It’s probably going to be a good night when your first play is an 80-yard strike that puts you up 6-0. Peyton Manning only took 12 seconds to get his team the lead, turning a play action pass into an unexpected touchdown to Dallas Clark, who made [...]

Drivin’: Chris Johnson is a Beast But Andre Johnson is Not Human, Mark Sanchez Upsets Brady and the Pats, and Cutler’s Bears Take Down the Steelers

Houston Texans 34 – Tennessee Titans 31: It seems pretty clear to me that Andre Johnson will reign supreme in the NFL as the best wide receiver until Matthew Stafford develops into a solid pass thrower for Calvin Johnson. Andre was nothing but beast Sunday for Houston catching 10 passes for 149 yards (including [...]

Drivin’: After One Week, Michael Crabtree Has As Many Catches as Darrius Heyward-Bey

New England Patriots 25 – Buffalo Bills 24: Even Boston Sports aficionado Bill Simmons should be able to admit that the Buffalo Bills deserved to win that game and, had it not been for a mental mistake made by Bills’ return man Leodis McKelvin, they would have started off the season with a victory.


Drivin’: Jake Delhomme, Jay Cutler, and Matt Schaub Are Horrible. Mark Sanchez and Adrian Peterson Aren’t.

Drivin’ will be our weekly NFL wrap-up.

New Orleans Saints 45 – Detroit Lions 27: Drew Brees could have shattered every passing record there is had the Saints not called off the guns later in the game. Instead, Brees settled for a a mediocre 358 yards and an incredible six touchdowns. Brees went all [...]