Shawn Marion Is An NBA Champion


Back in 2006, the Phoenix Suns were the funnest team in the entire league to watch, especially in the post-season. Even though Amare Stoudemire had to sit things out due to a knee injury that forced him to miss all but three games of the regular season as well, the Suns had an [...]

DeShawn Stevenson Is An NBA Champion


DeShawn Stevenson became one of my favorite players in the league this season. Bill Simmons always talks about how some players have irrational confidence and play well beyond their skill level because of this. Well, in my mind, DeShawn Stevenson is the poster boy of the irrational swag club. Watching Stevenson do his [...]

Brendan Haywood Is An NBA Champion


Brendan Haywood’s tale is a pretty unique one. Haywood was acquired from the Washington Wizards in the middle of the 2010 season and immediately challenged Erick Dampier for the starting center spot in Dallas. Though Dallas didn’t perform all that well in the post-season, Mark Cuban rewarded Haywood with a large extension in [...]

Rodrigue Beaubois Is An NBA Champion


A few years ago, Mark Cuban convinced Dirk Nowitzki not to play for his home nation of Germany during the summer to avoid risking an injury. At the time it seemed like Cuban was leaning towards making it a policy for his players to abstain from international competition but last summer Maverick point [...]

Caron Butler Is An NBA Champion


You have to give a lot of credit to Caron Butler for working so hard to play for his team during the post-season. Butler only played 29 games for the Mavericks before he ruptured his right patella tendon on New Years Day against the Milwaukee Bucks. At the time, Dirk Nowitzki was also out [...]

Corey Brewer Is An NBA Champion


Somewhat surprisingly, the Dallas Mavericks won the Corey Brewer sweepstakes after the New York Knicks totally surprisingly waived him after acquiring him from the Minnesota Timberwolves in a cap clearing deal that feed up space for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups on the payroll. Brewer is one of the league’s best defenders and [...]

Dominique Jones Is An NBA Champion


Dominique Jones only played in 18 games this season for the Dallas Mavericks and a stress fracture on his right foot kept him out of action for good after February 9th. Jones did not get a chance to showcase his abilities as a rookie but Dallas clearly likes his promise – they bought his [...]

Brian Cardinal Is An NBA Champion


The first time you looked at the photo on the right you probably thought to yourself: “That’s nice of the Mavericks to let their athletic trainer take a picture with the championship trophy.” Of course, if you thought that, you’d be wrong. He’s actually their custodian.

All kidding aside, Brian Cardinal did not get [...]