Attacking The Boards: Where The Magic Keep Winning

Trying out a new, condensed format for Attacking the Boards, so enjoy my thoughts from last night:

The Orlando Magic have been rolling since they made their pair of trades to acquire Hedo Turkoglu, Gilbert Arenas and Jason Richardson. The Rockets and their high powered offense was able to keep Houston in it for [...]

Heat, LeBron Dominate In Miami’s Lone Visit To Cleveland

Despite the slew of boos and negative chants Clevelandanders threw at LeBron James last night, the Miami Heat dominated the Cleveland Cavaliers from the opening tip until the final buzzer. LeBron was clearly determined to get back at Cleveland for months of trash talk and bad mouthing his reputation had received and he led [...]

Attacking The Boards: Where Dallas Is Still Winning

The Dallas Mavericks just keep on winning. Now 13-4, Dallas routed the Mavericks and this game was not even close to what the final score indicated. The Mavs were up 20 for the majority of the second half and a combination of sound offense and great defense allowed them to hold down the game [...]

Attacking The Boards: Where Atlanta Lost Its First Game

The Phoenix Suns, despite losing their most poignant offensive option this summer, still play the best fast-paced basketball in the league. Steve Nash is so good at pushing the tempo, setting up his offense, getting his players moving and dominating the game with his picture perfect shot. Turnovers and getting everybody back into the [...]

Attacking The Boards: Where John Wall Got His First Win

This game was a bit sloppy for stretches and the defense would fade in and out, but boy was it a fun game to watch. The Wizards led comfortably in the fourth quarter, then the 76ers made their push, even taking the lead at one point, setting up for one of the best closing stretches [...]

Attacking The Boards: Where Luol Deng Had Quite The Night

The Bulls needed this. They needed Luol Deng to have an effective game at some point. After starting off the season with a Derrick Rose-centric offense that forced Rose to take 29 shots per game, the Bulls needed someone to step up and contribute offensively. With Carlos Boozer out, adjustments have to be made [...]

Attacking The Boards: Where The Magic Are Contenders

There was quite a bit of hype coming into this season, mostly about the Miami Heat, and there was a lot of hype coming into this game, mostly surrounding John Wall‘s rookie debut. It didn’t take but five minutes to realize that the Magic should have been the focus, in both cases.

The Magic defended masterfully, [...]

Attacking The Boards: Where Chris Paul Is Back, The Thunder Are Running, And Denver Puts On A Show For Melo

One of the many benefits of having the NBA back in our lives with a brand new season is getting to see players that lost most if not all of the previous year with injuries get back into the swing of things.

Last night, we got to see two NBA superstars make their 2010-11 [...]

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Attacking The Boards: Where LeBron Is A Monster

So this is the different beast. This is LeBron James when he is focused, determined, and facing a far inferior basketball team. This is LeBron James, the greatest athlete of all-time.

This should strike fear into everybody else in the league, because this is flat out scary.

Rookie forward James Johnson checked into the [...]