2010 MLB Previews: The National League And The Playoffs

The National League East:

1. Philadelphia Phillies – 90-72*

2. Atlanta Braves 86-76*

3. New York Mets 80-82

4. Florida Marlins 76-86

5. Washington Nationals 60-102

The National League Central:

1. St. Louis Cardinals 85-77*

2. Milwaukee Brewers 83-79

3. Cincinnati Reds 80-82

4. Chicago Cubs 74-88

5. Pittsburgh Pirates 65-97

6. Houston Astros [...]

2010 MLB Season Previews: The American League West

1. Texas Rangers – 90-72 – I picked them last season and they almost came through both in their division and in the Wild Card races, but a plethora of late season injuries derailed their chances at a post season debut that would have rivaled the Rays surprising appearance two seasons ago on a [...]

2010 MLB Season Previews: The American League Central

1. Minnesota Twins – 90-72 – With a healthy Justin Morneau down the stretch and in the playoffs, who knows what the Twins could of done despite a youthful rotation. This much is clear about this year’s club: Joe Mauer is the best hitter in the American League and is on the verge of [...]

2010 MLB Season Previews: The American League East

1. New York Yankees – 102-60 – The reigning World Series Champs have to be the odds on favorites to win again. They didn’t lose much in the off-season and added an all-star center fielder in Curtis Granderson to give them a speed dimension they had only been getting from role players. At some [...]