Pat White Is Ready for the Wildcat Offense

Pat WhiteMiami Dolphin’s second round pick Pat White said he is ready for the Wildcat offense, which is a scheme that White has all of the tools for.

“I have heard a lot about the Wildcat, and I am happy to be a part of it,” White said during a conference call.

“I can play multiple positions, so I’ll see where I end up.  I’m ready for anything.”

“It reminded me of West Virginia a little bit, when the defense goes one way and you shoot someone out the other way,” Pat said.  “It keeps the defense on its toes.”

“I need to get better in all aspects:  dropping back, completing the ball, reading defenses, etc.,” White said.  “I feel that I have to get better every day, and that’s what I am going to try and do. . . .   I definitely still have confidence in myself.  I’m looking for the opportunity.  I got a great opportunity down in Miami.  I never doubt myself.  I know that I’ve got to keep working and try to get better.  That I’m willing to do.”

White was the most versatile quarterback in the draft, possessing the ability to throw, catch and run with the football. Throughout much of the pre-draft workouts, White continued to tell teams that he could play QB at the pro level, so it is a bit of a surprise that he has already accepted his role as a Wildcat specialist. However, noone wants to come off as negative right after he has been given a job in the NFL, so I why he might be holding off his true feelings.

The Miami Herald praised the pick, saying that White’s drive to win is something that the team needed and got with Pat.

He’s something of an overachiever.

He’s a coach’s dream player willing to play quarterback or running back or wide receiver or, hey, all three if that’s what they want.

He comes with no pretenses.

White will come to the Dolphins with the attitude that he’s looking to fill a role and the physical ability to fill four roles.

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