NFL Playoff Predictions; Wild Card Weekend

Wild Card Weekend:

Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are a one dimensional team. They thrive off the pass and have the weapons to due so. Kurt Warner has had a nice year, but he lacks a running game to make his passing attack even more lethal than it is. With no real threat in the backfield, most defenses will drop the safeties back and rush the line. John Abraham and the Falcons will take advantage of this and will have Kurt Warner running for his life. The Falcons on the other hand have a pretty nice balanced attack, with Turner to go along with Ryan, Jenkins and Roddy White. This balance will keep a pretty bad Arizona defense on the field and will wear them out quick.

Pick: Falcons over Cardinals 34-17

Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers

The Colts are the hottest team coming into the playoffs and they are going to show it against a putrid San Diego defense. Peyton Manning should have a huge game with 350 yards and 4 TDs. Reggie Wayne will have a big game as well, he should real in 7 for 156 and 2 TDs. The Chargers should be able to establish the run but I don’t think they will be able to get anything through the air.

Pick: Colts over Chargers 42-28

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

I know that both teams have a great story, but I don’t think that this one will be close. The Ravens will make the usually efficient Pennington into a turnover prone machine, in fact, I think he’ll throw 3 picks. 2 of those should go to Ed Reed, and he will take one of those to the house. Le’Ron McClain will get his share of carries and will put the Dolphins away with a 4th quarter TD.

Pick: Ravens over Dolphins 24-17

Philadelphia Eagles @ Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have the best running back in the league. That alone will beat the Eagles, in my opinion. The Eagles defense are coming off their best performance of the year, but they did it against a team that has no speed burner. Minnesota has 2 of those, AP and Bernard Berrian. Minnesota has the best defense in the league and they will be all over McNabb. Brian Westbrook will get hurt in this game and Desean Jackson will make another bone headed mistake.

Pick: Vikings over Eagles 21-14

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