But The Game Is On Mailbag: Edition 01

In a guard driven league, who do you think are the top ten guards in the NBA?

- Scott in Florida

My top 10 guards:

1a. Derrick Rose
1b. Chris Paul
3a. Dwyane Wade
3b. Kobe Bryant
5. Russell Westbrook
6. Deron Williams
7. Eric Gordon
8. Steve Nash
9. Monta Ellis
10. Rajon Rondo

Derrick Rose earned the top spot on the list because of his MVP season last year and even though he struggled in the Eastern Conference Finals, I think that series said more about his supporting cast than it did about him. Rose dominated for 80+ games prior to that series and the lack of help on offense would have made it tough for anyone to continue that level of play against a defense as good as Miami’s. On the other hand, Chris Paul’s post-season play is the reason he is ranked so high. I’m a huge Chris Paul fan and I don’t expect to see many other analysts rank Paul higher than Wade or Bryant but what he did to the Lakers with Willie Green, Marco Belinelli, Trevor Ariza, Carl Landry, Jarrett Jack and Aaron Gray on his side was unbelievable.

Wade and Bryant aren’t equals at this point but I rank them as a and b because I have questions regarding Wade’s longevity. Wade has had more serious injuries than Bryant to this point in his career, plays a much more reckless game and he is just two years younger than Bryant. Once father time catches up with Wade I think he is going to have a much worse time adjusting to declining athleticism than Kobe has. Bryant has developed a post-game, mastered the inbetween game and is simply a better shooter than Wade is. After watching Wade in the Finals, its hard to say Bryant is better than him right now but if Bryant has made progress with his knee after a few procedures this summer and Wade ends up beginning his slide, I can see the gap between the two slimming.

Despite the criticism he received during the playoffs, Russell Westbrook is still one of the very best guards in the game. Statistically speaking, he wasn’t that far off from Derrick Rose last season and if he were at the helm of the Bulls rather than Rose I’m not too sure there would be that big of a difference. Deron Williams only falls this far down the list because of injuries that cost him time last season. When he’s at his best, he deserves to be right up there with Paul and Rose. Gordon is underrated in my book and the combination of he and Blake Griffin will dominate LA in the next few seasons. Nash may be close to the end but he’s still effective as anyone in the league when it comes to passing and shooting. Ellis is a headache to most but his scoring ability is too good to ignore. Rajon Rondo is a bit overrated in my mind but it was either him or Kevin Martin in this spot for me. We’ll see if Rondo improves as his role increases.

Do you think that players going to play overseas is a good thing or a bad thing for teams?

- John in Texas

I am completely fine with players going overseas to play. If there is going to be no season, its a good way for them to stay in-shape and stay connected to the game. And even though there is a possibility of injury, if they don’t have a season to be healthy for them the risk isn’t too big. The thing is, I think the players know that their teams despise them taking that risk and as a way of sticking it to the owners, going overseas may provide more incentive than just staying in shape. While they earn a little bit of money on the side their team’s management will be sweating it out as they watch them on Synergy.

Can you put a percentage on the possibility of a full season taking place?

- Bballboy351

From what I’ve read, I’d say there’s a 25% of a full season taking place and that may even be too generous.

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