Cavs, Clips Swap Mo Williams And Baron Davis

These are the kinds of deals that make the trade deadline a special time of the year. Much like the Deron Williams to New Jersey deal, there were no rumors about either the Clippers or the Cavs being involved in talks and no more than a word had been written about Mo Williams or Baron Davis being on the market. But just a few minutes ago, Yahoo! Sports broke the news that the Cleveland Cavaliers will in fact be trading point guard Mo Williams along with small forward Jamario Moon to the Clippers in exchange for point guard Baron Davis and a 2011 first round pick.

This deal seems pretty sweet for the Clippers, as they get to shed Baron Davis’ fat contract while acquiring a solid point guard and another small forward they can try out in the rotation in their search for some kind of consistent production from that position. Williams is a good player, which is something I think a lot of people have forgot ever since The Decision. Mo had his struggles in the post-season next to LeBron James but he was a knockdown shooter for him for the majority of the regular season and when placed on a team with talent around him like the Clippers, he could be a steady scoring guard that hits shots off the swing. Williams had some practice throwing alley-oops to LeBron James during his time in Cleveland, so his chemistry with Blake Griffin should be good from the start – though you have to admit, the Davis-Griffin alley-oops will be sorely missed, something about that beard made them special.

Davis to the Cavs is an interesting decision for Cleveland to make and being dealt there will certainly anger Davis after establishing a pretty good relationship with the kids on the Clippers. Cleveland gets a first round pick out of the deal but Davis has a large and very unappealing contract and I’m not quite sure what he could bring to the table for a team like the Cavs as a basketball player. He could try to replicate his chemistry with Blake with youngster J.J. Hickson, who is certainly an athletic freak, but the odds of that combo producing results similar to the ones Blake and Davis did are nonexistent. Davis has a player option for next season, so he won’t have to stay in Cleveland long, but this is still a decision that Davis will not be happy with.

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