Which LeBron Poster Was Better: His Slam On Kevin Garnett In The 2008 ECF or His Throwdown On James Johnson?

LeBron James had one of the most ferocious jams you will ever see on Monday night against the Chicago Bulls. As you know, LeBron is no stranger to these kinds of things and he seems to produce at least one amazing highlight per game. My question is: was his poster on James Johnson better than his dunk on Kevin Garnett in the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals?

First, let’s take a look at both vids.

LeBron James Posterizes Kevin Garnett

LeBron James Posterizes James Johnson

The Situation

Both dunks came in the post-season, which gives them some additional value. However, one came in first quarter in a first round series that pits the best team in the league against a team that fought as hard as possible to get the eighth seed and still finished at 42-42 and will likely end in four games. The other came in the fourth quarter (with less than a 1:30 left, no less, with the score very close) in a pivotal game four against the future NBA Champions in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Edge: Poster on KG

The Reaction

The way that James runs up the court huffing and puffing after falling to the ground for dunking so hard is nice, but the scream he let out after posterizing James Johnson was amazing. J.E. Skeets of The Basketball Jones joked that the scream might have been better than the actual dunk. I wouldn’t have been joking. If he’s the king, then that’s the perfect lion’s roar.

Edge: Poster On JJ

The Co-Star

(See what I did there?)

James Johnson is a rookie forward out of Wake Forest that was drafted 16th overall in the 2009 NBA Draft. Johnson averaged 12 minutes a game on the year and was doing a solid job on LeBron by being physical with him. That irked LeBron a bit and the result was a facial. On the other hand, you have Kevin Garnett. A notorious trash talker who has won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award and Defensive Player of the Year Award in his career. Is there anything better than embarrassing Garnett? Seriously? Is there something that can top shutting this guy up? I doubt it.

Edge: Poster on KG

The Power

Both dunks were extremely difficult. How do I know? Because I couldn’t dunk on a six foot rim with a midget guarding me, let alone jump 24 inches into the air and throw it down on another six-foot-nine guy with more power than a freight train. I think that the dunk on Johnson was a little more powerful than the one on KG. Then again, they have yet to do a Sports Science feature on the former.

Edge: Poster on JJ

The Call

Though it has nothing to do with the actual dunk itself, one of the most memorable things about any sports highlight is the call made by the announcers. Marv Albert did everything you’d expect the play-by-play man to do when something that electric happens, but Kevin Harlan had one the best lines of all-time with his “LeBron James with no regard for human life” call. Even Doug Collins got excited for it and he’s the color guy.

Edge: Poster on KG

The Actual Poster

LeBron on KG

LeBron on JJ

I think its easier for LeBron to elevate over someone, so the fact that Garnett is actually pushing him away from the basket makes for a better poster.

Edge: Poster on KG

Using this nice little six category formula, the dunk on KG comes out on top. Using my gut, I’d still go with the slam on Garnett mostly because of the situation. What do you think?

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