Full Count: Jimenez Makes History for Rox

It took the eightheenth season of Rockies baseball in the Mile High City for it to happpen. Clearly with the thin air in Denver, it had to be a road game. But who? The Colorado franchise hasn’t exactly been a pitcher’s dream. Some names have come and gone, and some are long forgotten. Kevin Ritz? Armando Reynoso? Mike Hampton? Darryl Kile? David Nied? Shawn Chacon? Jason Jennings? The list goes on…but finally, the Rockies have harvested a true fireballer ace in Ubaldo Jimenez.

It’s not just that Jimenez’s last pitch was clocked at 97 mph, an astounding feat given that it was his 128th delivery of the night. Ubaldo Jimenez has been a solid Rockies pitcher longer than most casual fans can remember. He has had control problems for most of his stay in Denver, but that has not held him back from being one of the league’s hardest throwing guys.

In a way, Jimenez’s no-hitter proved to be a mirror image of his career. He fought through early control issues after walking six batters in the first five innings. Then he settled down, and seemed to throw harder as the game went on, up until that last gasser.

Let us not forget the Dexter Fowler catch in the later innings, saving a piece of Rockies history. Fowler, who spent significant time with the Rockies last year, covered an enormous piece of Turner Field ground to make what could be one of the most overlooked catches of the year, simply because his speed made the catch look easier than it was. However, this snag has received comparison to Dwayne Wise’s perfect-game-saving catch in the Windy City last year.

What is next for Jimenez and the Rockies? Since Ubaldo has been in the purple, silver, and black, the Rockies have staged two of the most furious second half runs ever to reach a postseason. They have tripled the amount of all time postseason appearances made prior to the arrival of this “new class”. They won the first National League Pennant for Colorado. And now…the no-hitter. Nothing seems out of reach for this rag-tag bunch at this point.

Maybe the real question is, who will throw the first no-hitter for Colorado in Coors Field?

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