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Who Is on Top of Baseball on April 12?

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Right now, who do you think is the best team in Major League Baseball?

Personally, I think that there is a very clear top three, and we’re going to talk about those today.

3. Oakland Athletics (8-2)

I know that Oakland Athletics have grabbed six of their wins at the hands of the floundering Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the incredibly strikeout-happy Houston Astros, so you might want to discount what they have done so far.

However, that is significant on one level. These teams will be the ones that the Athletics will see the most throughout the season because they are in the same division, so this dominance is a good sign for the future.

The team has had surprising performances from Jed Lowrie and Brandon Moss. These men have hit five home runs and driven in 18 runs combined over the first 10 games.

On the mound, most of the staff has been outstanding. The bullpen has been particularly solid, and Chris Resop, Sean Doolittle and Jerry Blevins have combined to pitch 13.2 shutout innings so far this year.

Despite a lower strength of schedule, Oakland looks great this year.

2. San Francisco Giants (7-3)

Remember a few years ago when we all thought that Barry Zito was down for the count? He is off to a great start for the San Francisco Giants this year. He has pitched 14 shutout innings so far, and while I would say that is the most impressive achievement so far, the rest of this staff is doing a great job as well.

On offense, there seems to be kind of a triple threat going on. Angel Pagan, Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence are serving as key run producers. Combined, they have scored 17 runs and driven in 21.

This team will probably see a challenge from the Los Angeles Dodgers by the end of the season, but if they keep playing like they have been, they are in a good position.

1. Atlanta Braves (8-1)

Last season, the general consensus was that the Atlanta Braves were an excellent bet for the future. They were loaded with young talent then, and they added BJ and Justin Upton to the outfield this winter.

BJ is struggling so far, but Justin has six home runs in nine games with a .353 batting average. Also highlighting the offense has been the outstanding rookie (as well as surprising story) Evan Gattis. He has three home runs and six RBI in six games so far, and it seems as if the absence of Brian McCann has not been nearly as painful as it might be.

Their pitching staff has been incredible. Four of their seven bullpen pitchers have ERAs of 0.00 so far, and Paul Maholm has also not allowed a run over two starts and 12.2 innings. The Atlanta Braves have historically been known for their pitching, and that is the main reason they are on top of my ranking right now.

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